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The Next Generation of Classroom Music
This site is dedicated to providing fresh new music that will support the regular classroom teacher in all academic areas. All the materials will be based on Common Core Standards.

Music for Class

Music For Class is a project that will provide new music that can be used in the classroom. Composers will be working on songs that connect with the classroom curriculum.

We hope this site will become a place where teachers and students can share their ideas and creations. We want to create outside the box.

There is a new wave of singer/songwriters much like the wave of folk singers in the 60’s. Songwriters are performing in homes (house concerts) and festivals around the world. We hope teachers and students will be inspired to write and share their creations.

We want to recruit songwriters from all over to help us with this project. We want to reflect the wide diversity of songwriting that fills the internet.

Consider joining us on this adventure.

Music for the Class

Music For Class is a project that will provide new music and videos that can be used in the classroom.

Music for Teachers

We want songs and projects that’s you would like to share on our website.

Music for Students

Explore the many aspects of music from midi-bands, to folk songs, to dance videos, songwriting and storytelling.

Music for Composers

Considering writing songs for the classroom and publish them on our website.